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In November 2003 Joep parked his bicycle against the stable of Ange Gardien and was ready to make a fresh start for the role of host. Ready to face the challenge the Domaine offered, turning it into a good stop for travellers and searchers of peace and light.

A career of thirty years behind him, mainly working to help people without a job find one. But also, an eternal student. Learning is living, c'est la vie, the never ending journey to wisdom.
Finding ways to create work and possibilities (a more fulfilling life for the less lucky ones) has always been the core occupation of his career.
His main study has been Social Psychology and with that Religion.
Made his grade Psychology at the Catholic Universitu of Nijmegen in The Netherlands.

In 2001 he stepped back as chairman of the board of directors of 'Stichting Kringloopbedrijven' (recycling industries) Nederland/Het Goed.

Since 2001 he visited 13 Emmaus communities and Abbé Pierre in France, communities of people who live and work together in France, Spain, Portugal and travelled to Argentina, Chile, Easter Island, Tahiti, New Zealand and Australia.

During the period 1999-2002 Joep stayed in several Abbeys to seek rest and renew energy.
The inspiring community of Taizé in the beautiful Bourgogne made Joep search for a house really close to that spot. He found it in Sailly.

In Sailly he receives guests on the way to a life of peace, action, passion, love, light, together for a better world ...

He receives support of his children Sara, Janneke (paintings) and Sjoerd, family and many friends, like Mattie Dijkstra, Hans Hermanides, Marleen Mullink, Bart Buijze and guests for shorter or longer periods of time they stay.


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