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Ange Bourgogne is estabmished as the Société Civile Immobilière (SCI) Ange Gardien, officially known as the Domain.
The Burgundian angel goes along with the guardian angel, the guardian who gives shelter and attention.

T he opportunity to "vivre la belle vie", enjoying the beautiful life with a group, family, family. Some support is expected in the domestic sphere.

There are 5 bedrooms available in the main house. Inside the building by combining the orange and the purple one bedroom makes a independant apartment available with separate entrance, kitchenette, shower, toilet and garden.

The blue, red and yellow rooms have their own bath or shower and toilet.

Opportunities are available for larger groups by using all areas including the library and the tower room. This provides opportunities for families, groups Taizé, friends clubs with 20 to 25 people to stay at Ange Gardien


Blue room

Red room

Yellow room

Purple room

Orange room