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Taizé, the world's most vivid religious community

An oasis of peace and understanding, an encounter of brothers and young people. Meditation by community singing and community silence...
When brother Roger founded the Community of Taizé in 1940, he wanted it to be a place of trust and understanding between Christians and all other people. Nowadays more than one hundred brothers, from Roman Catholic and several Protestant backgrounds originating from 25 different countries live in Taizé on a permanent basis.

For a large part of the year, especially from Easter to Pentecost as well as during the months of July and August young people from all parts of the world participate in the Taizé meetings. The meetings take place Sunday to Sunday. The daily prayers, are spoken three times a day, in between the group meetings and moments of reflection in silence. The saturday evening prayer is celebrated with candles, the light of resurrection. Up to 4,000 people contribute to the celebrations. Everyone can join in.
Morning 08.30 mass
Afternoon 12.30 service
Evening 20.30 service
Simple comm.unity singing
Every service includes 10 minutes of silence

To support the young people, the Community of Taizé
guides a pilgrimage of trust all over the world.
Young men and women are incouraged to become makers of peace and keepers of trust
in their own city, local church, school or job.

Frère Roger
16 augustus 2010
70 years Taizé
5 years after frère Roger